Sunday, November 9, 2014

I've moved this blog

I've moved to another domain, and this one will be soon hosted only on blogger again. 

Find my new posts at

Monday, May 19, 2014

Meet Bran

A month ago you met Arya our lovely kitty.

Two weeks after she was home with us, her brother hypnotised Mon Cher and I to bring him with us. We were afraid that they wouldn't recognise each other, and it seem for a while they didn't. For about 30mins they smelled one another and hissed away, but then they remember how closed they were and started playing (this is what I told myself of course.)

We had to name him Bran of course (and the last of them was named Sansa and it's happy living with the in laws), and he is a handsome fella.

In 3 weeks we've learned that unlike Arya he will come to you for petting and love (you can pick Arya at any random moment and she loves it). He goes crazy when I brush his face away. He grooms Mon Cher's beard like it's his own child. Also gets his ass kicked by Arya quite often.

Arya was pretty excited about a box we set them up. She would go inside and study her brother from it.

These two really love each other. I even made them an Instagram account so you can see updated pictures of both of them (yes, borderline crazy cat lady stuff I know), go to http://instagram.com/branaryathecats and follow them.

You'll be seeing more of them soon.
I hope your Monday is Purrr-fect!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Vegetable Garden starters

These are the plants I bought at the local farmers market to start my green garden. I must have these in pots, and transfer some of them into bigger pots because I'll be doing this in my balcony. It would be awesome to have a bigger space but I know I can work with the balcony, so here they are when I bought them.

It's been a month since we took these pictures so I'll be posting new pictures soon.

 I've already used mint from this one to add to my home brews of Kombucha.

I used oregano for a homemade tomato salsa and it was very flavourful.

I love this plant so much! It's a creeper or vine which is why I'm in love and it's growing by the day. Already used also for tofu omelettes.

These have a citrus flavor when they are young and crisp and I eat them raw in salads.

I haven't have the pleasure to eat and eggplant yet, I'll have to wait a bit more.

This one it's starting to bloom with flowers, and I'm watching closely cause the female flowers are the one that gives the cucumbers.

So here you have my starters, next I want to add tomato and cacao.

I want to have a garden full of edibles.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Outfits: Farmers market

Have I mentioned how much I love going to our local farmers market? If I haven't, I love it a lot.

This is what I wore, I was feeling a bit pin up.

These sailor style pants are the best.

Have you spotted Arya's sister? We named her Sansa, and she wanted to be in the pictures.

It was a fun day. 

I got to pick up delicious organic goods and plants for my vegetable garden.

I got organic red okra, it was the first time I saw these in the market.

This is organic dinosaur kale, which is my favorite type of kale, because is crisp and it's great for kale chips.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet: Crush Juice Bar

Ever since Mon Cher and I moved we started exercising, specially around the shore, what it's known as Condado. It's a very busy area full of hotels and tourists. We saw many new places since we last strolled around that area and that's when we saw Crush.

  Fast forward to last Sunday when we actually got in.

They have a variety of combinations for fruit smoothies, you can also combine fruits and veggies for juices, they have açai bowls and plenty of trendy healthy stuff to choose from.

We decided to order two different smoothies so we could both try each one.

Mon Cher wanted something refreshing so he ordered the Healthy Piña Colada which contains: Apple juice, pineapple, coconut milk, organic shredded coconut, avocado, flax seed and a touch of organic agave.**

I saw peanut butter in one mix and was drawn to it. I must say Mon Cher hates PB and when he try it he said it had  weird yet very pleasing flavor.  Mine was called Peanut butter pink banana which contains: Strawberries, banana, peanut butter, almond milk, yogurt and organic agave.**

I change the yogurt for cacao nibs which was a nice touch.

**As listed on their menu

The pros about this place was that the taste was achieved and they have good combinations and healthy options.
The cons is that not everything is organic which I favor, but not everything is perfect.

Depending on your view you may think is pricey, but I don't consider this true, first because is a tourist are which usually mean higher prices and second because some of the ingredients they use are not cheap.

In the end I will go again, I have my eyes on two more smoothies I want to try.