Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet: Crush Juice Bar

Ever since Mon Cher and I moved we started exercising, specially around the shore, what it's known as Condado. It's a very busy area full of hotels and tourists. We saw many new places since we last strolled around that area and that's when we saw Crush.

  Fast forward to last Sunday when we actually got in.

They have a variety of combinations for fruit smoothies, you can also combine fruits and veggies for juices, they have açai bowls and plenty of trendy healthy stuff to choose from.

We decided to order two different smoothies so we could both try each one.

Mon Cher wanted something refreshing so he ordered the Healthy Piña Colada which contains: Apple juice, pineapple, coconut milk, organic shredded coconut, avocado, flax seed and a touch of organic agave.**

I saw peanut butter in one mix and was drawn to it. I must say Mon Cher hates PB and when he try it he said it had  weird yet very pleasing flavor.  Mine was called Peanut butter pink banana which contains: Strawberries, banana, peanut butter, almond milk, yogurt and organic agave.**

I change the yogurt for cacao nibs which was a nice touch.

**As listed on their menu

The pros about this place was that the taste was achieved and they have good combinations and healthy options.
The cons is that not everything is organic which I favor, but not everything is perfect.

Depending on your view you may think is pricey, but I don't consider this true, first because is a tourist are which usually mean higher prices and second because some of the ingredients they use are not cheap.

In the end I will go again, I have my eyes on two more smoothies I want to try.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Coffeeholic: Siphone coffee maker

If there's something I always obsess about is coffee.

I love siphon brewers, they're appealing to the eye and have a scientific feel.

I was at Gustos Coffee [a favorite among our local coffee shops] and the baristas were playing with the temperature of the water and different weights of coffee to see how the coffee turned out.

I filmed a bit of the process. If you've never seen one have fun!

In a siphone you put the water in the base and by heating it under the water goes up through the filter. Once it goes up you stir it with the coffee so it will blend better. Then it goes back down again through the filter leaving the ground coffee and giving you a delicious brew.

If you want to learn more click here you'll find CoffeeGeek guide very informative and they have pictures!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meet Arya

Ever since we started thinking about living in our new apartment we knew we wanted a cat. We wanted a furr ball to run around the house, hunt for mouses and be cute enough for pictures (and bully you by deleting the last phrase you wrote because walking on the keyboard of my laptop seems like the new hobby for Arya.)


We knew one thing we couldn't take our other cats. Why? Well on my mother's house they run wild and have lots of space and they grew like that. Gingy would feel like this is a cage even though is a big apartment. she wouldn't have the grass or trees that are in that house. Vali (Mon cher's) is a spoiled princess and her slave is my father-in-law, if you saw that relationship you wouldn't want to break it.

Then Arya came along.

My brother-in-law rescued her. She and her brothers were inside a sewer at the airport were he works. Her brother came out crying for his mom, and that's when my BiL saw it and found the other 2. They were a couple of days old.

Apparently earlier that week a brigade came to take away all the cats that were around the area and we assumed they took the mom, because the cats were starving.

For the past month we had to feed them with bottles. Since then they have learned to eat on their own, and use the litter box. The other 2 are now waiting to find another home or they might just stay there.

Arya is a month and a half old. She's like babies at their terrible 2. She jumps everywhere and plays a lot. Another thing I love about her is the fact that she is very loving, she loves to cuddle and if we are showing her love she purrs a lot.

Why Arya?

Have you seen Game of Thrones? Arya kicks ass!

If you follow my instagram @missloublog then you saw that we wore matching T-shirts for the premiere last Sunday.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We finally moved!

We did it!

After all these months of hard work to make our place lovely and liveable, we are finally enjoying our apartment.

Our [messy] living room on day 2 of moving days.

 Mon Cher was using one of my aprons and we've been busy in the kitchen.

We celebrated 4 years of being together [April 2] with a sushi date. I made veggie rolls and we drank some wine.

We even have a house motto "We are allowed to fail but we are not allowed to give up."

 Our friends left messages on our chalk wall.

I did the coffee mug of course.

I'll be showing you my finished kitchen soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tintero: Local's comics and art festival

Last Saturday Mon cher and I wen to Tintero. It was the first comic and art festival with local artists.

We had a great time, the variety of artists was great and pleasing to the eye.

The space was a bit crowded but everyone was enjoying themselves.

We saw many lovely things, and bought some of them to hang around our new place. You'll see them soon.

It was a good break from our daily routine or new apartment stuff. We'll be back for more next year...