Ever since I started blogging I got addicted; Mr. Coffee [my favorite addiction] was actually worried :/

Elousions was born on 2010 to expose my craft projects; nowadays it has evolved to be my memory journal. I love going back and knowing the exact moment something happened and how I felt. It gets even better since some of those moments involve great friends I’ve made through this blog.

What do I blog about?
Things that get me going, obsessions, life. I love; inspirational posts, weekly favorites, items I found thrifting, DIYs. I enjoy learning, exploring and sharing my passion for vintage. Also the occasional outfit post since I feel pretty from time to time.

[by the great Terasue.com]

You might also see Mon cher around here; he is my partner in crime, my love, my best friend and I just love every moment we share [even if we are just napping].

I should also fill you in another thing; I currently own 21 cameras [shh!]. You can meet them here! You’ll find my 10 beloved Polaroids, the rest are digital, analog and lomography ones. It gets crazy when I have to decide which roll I want to develop first and when I don’t do it in a while it sure is surprising.

You can also read My blogging story if you want to know more.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Say hi; I love meeting new people.

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